Imagine a place where children love to learn. 

Imagine a school that encourages exploration and discovery. 

Imagine an environment where children grow to be independent thinkers. 

Imagine a group where children find community.

Imagine an occasion when children can be inspired.

Imagine a world where there is joy in learning.

That is Webster Montessori School.


Toddler Program

WMS offers a half day classroom program for children ages 18 months to 3 years. Our Toddler Program supports the young child's need for activity while building a foundation for future development. Our goals are to help children reach independence and have respect for themselves, others, and the environment.

Primary Program

The center of our Montessori curriculum is a three year program for a mixed age group of children ages 3 to 5. Younger children attend for a half day and stay for a full day classroom program when they are older. Within a family-like atmosphere, each child's natural development is followed. Children are given the structured freedom to work at their own pace and pursue their own love of learning.

Elementary Program

A full day Elementary program is open to students ages 6 to 12. Children work individually and in small groups as they progress toward abstract concepts and logical reasoning. The curriculum features strong academics including the study of basic math, geometry, algebra, writing, reading and grammar, biology, zoology, physical sciences, geography, art, music, and PE.