Core Curriculum Standards and the Montessori Method

Since 2010, there has been an overall initiative to develop more comprehensive educational standards for children across the country. Forty-five states so far have embraced the standards suggested in order to prepare a child for a productive college or work experience. While the majority of schools are private, more publicly funded charter schools are being designed with a Montessori-like format. With the stringency of standardized testing, and the free structure of Montessori schools, some are concerned that children may have trouble meeting the standards as they should.

Montessori schools are working toward providing guidance to students by leading them to learn what they need to know to meet Kindergarten standards during their 3-6 year phase. Third grade standards are expected by the time they are through with the 7-9 year time period, and 6th grade standards are expected by the time a child turns 12.

Growth is not merely an harmonious increase in size, but a transformation.
— Maria Montessori

But the Common Core Curriculum Standards asks for more than the knowledge of subjects such as English, mathematics, or science. It is just as important for a child to learn to demonstrate independence, develop knowledge in many different areas, be adaptive in their communication skills as to respond appropriately to various situations and relate to various perspectives and cultures. They should also develop critical thinking skills and know how to utilize technology and digital media for research and problem solving. All of these are areas that are stressed within the Montessori curriculum.

*From: Concordia University Online