Acorn Poem


If you take an acorn, that’s fallen from its cup,

And plant it in the garden, and never dig it up,

The sun and rain will change it, into a great big tree,

With lots of acorns on it, some for you and some for me!


I love this short poem about fall but probably not for any reason you would expect.  Yes, it’s a charming little story and yes, one I’ve actually managed to retain in memory.  But mostly, I love this poem for what it means to my family.  Each of my three children learned it while students here at Webster Montessori School.

I’ll never forget when my oldest, who was probably three at the time, could be heard from her car seat in the back of the van, quietly reciting these words and acting out the motion of planting acorns.  I was shocked at how confidently she knew the words and even more surprised because I’d never heard the poem and certainly hadn’t taught it to her.  Truly, it was one of the first things she learned that I wasn’t somehow a part of.  I loved how proud she was of her accomplishment.  My other two children eventually learned the same poem in the same way and were also so proud to join in reciting it with their siblings.

Fast forward 10 years and this poem is, amazingly, still a part of our family.  Just last week as we sat down to dinner one of the kids admired my attempt at decorating for fall with a huge glass vase filled with acorns.  I was delighted when all three of them immediately and spontaneously began their recitation of this acorn poem. 

Webster Montessori School has given my children many things.  Not just a strong foundation for their future learning but skills, knowledge, and confidence.  And, most importantly, joyous memories including poems about acorns.  That is truly a gift to us.