I'm grateful; so I give

It may seem counter-intuitive to you that I make a gift to Webster Montessori School when I also pay tuition.  It’s not that the cost of tuition has no financial impact– it does; especially for two kids, year after year.  It adds up.

But on the other side of the equation is something far greater – the opportunity for my children to be someplace wonderful.  

This school means more to me than I think any of the staff realize.  What started as a one-year emergency plan has grown into a three year commitment.  The school helped us through a difficult transition in our family.  Teachers listened to our concerns and watched our kids for signs of distress.  Office staff eased us through the routine.  Parents were friendly and welcoming.

I am grateful that Webster Montessori School is a place where my kids feel happy and secure.  I entrust them to the school each day without a single concern for their well-being.  I know they are in an environment where they are free to lose themselves in learning.

When I think of all I receive, it is evident that tuition is the least possible payment I can make.  So it is with gratitude that I make an annual gift to Webster Montessori School, because what they do for me is priceless.