Holiday Traditions and More!

We are right in the middle of a season full of traditions. Things kicked off with Thanksgiving and its traditions of turkey and stuffing and taking time to be thankful. We moved quickly (too quickly) to holidays, celebrations, and traditions from various faiths. And, not to be forgotten, New Year’s has its own traditions of late night celebrations, resolutions, and football!

We are also in the midst of another tradition you don’t want to miss -- the tradition of a Montessori education. It was on January 6, 1907 that the first Montessori classroom was established in Rome. Since then, children all over the world have been growing and learning in classrooms that look remarkably similar. They have the same traditions of independent learning, following the child, and focus on growth. Today’s classrooms contain the same traditional Montessori educational work such as the pink tower, the moveable alphabet, and the decimal system.

In a society that seems to change educational approaches every few years (No Child Left Behind, Common Core, etc.), it is nice to know children at Webster Montessori School are benefiting from an approach that has been in place more than 100 years. This is an approach that has stood the test of time, benefited generations of children, and stands on a history of repeated successes. 

This is a tradition worth celebrating!