In a Word. . . Abundance!

It wasn’t too long ago that I saw the morning forecast for Rochester.  Scrolling across my television screen was the prediction for “abundant sunshine”.  Wow, what a great day to look forward to.  And, I thought what a great word… abundant.  Frankly, this is not something I say in regular conversation.  Being an active user of Google, I sought to determine what that word was all about. 

It means to be plentiful and overflowing and profuse and bountiful.  I like it!  It caused me to think about what might be abundant in my life.  It was a pretty intriguing concept.

And, of course, I thought some about what might be abundant here at Webster Montessori School.  We are now a few weeks into the school year.  It has been my pleasure to meet so many new families and children and welcome back good friends.  I am happy to report we are a community with many things in abundance.

I have seen abundant joy on the faces of the children.  I have found abundant opportunity in each classroom.  I discovered there is abundant learning available to each child.  I appreciate abundant friendships being strengthened each day.  I predict a year of abundance in our community.

Yes, I like this word.  Join me in celebrating all we have!