3 Siblings, 1 School

Twelve years ago, I began my pre-school search for my oldest child Carly who was then 3 years old. Carly was already very social and ahead of the learning curve. I was looking for a school that would foster her interest in learning and not just serve as a social setting focused on playtime like traditional daycares and pre-schools. I found Webster Montessori.

WMS was sharing space with the Webster Recreation Department on Ebner Drive when we went for our interview. Although the school looked very ordinary from the outside, what I found on the inside was anything but ordinary. A nurturing environment focused on a systematic approach to learning, one that fosters independence and critical thinking, one that encourages children to work at their own pace. I knew immediately that we had found the perfect fit for our family.   

My daughter flourished at WMS. She loved school, was very enthusiastic about her work and was already reading midway through her first year … at age 3.  

Then WMS moved into the new school, our school was growing. 

Around the same time, my family was also growing, my son Nicholas was born. I was initially planning to keep Carly for just the Primary Program, however, when I saw how well she was doing academically I knew she needed to stay at WMS for Elementary. Nicholas turned 3 years old shortly after my daughter started the Elementary Program.

I was excited for Nicholas to go to WMS. Nicholas was quiet, curious and more laid back than Carly. However, at WMS Nicholas blossomed into a confident, outgoing, leader. Along came my third child, Sam.  Within a couple short years, Sam would also become part of the WMS community. Carly graduated from Elementary, Nicholas moved into Elementary and Sam started Primary all the same year.  

Sam is fun loving and creative and WMS has been able to foster his curiosity and creativity while keeping him focused on work. Although my children’s learning styles are very different, WMS has provided the ideal environment for each of them to grow into their own person and not only learn, but to thrive.   

This year marks another milestone; Nicholas will be graduating from WMS leaving Sam to continue the WMS legacy. I look at all our years at WMS as more than a quality education but an investment in my children’s future.