Engaging Inquisitive Minds

Engaging Inquisitive Minds.  This tag line is now part of our new logo.  It’s one we developed a few years ago as part of our work in strategic planning.  It’s a little strange to realize that our adult effort in a very businesses-like office environment with flip charts, and laptops, and brainstorming resulted in a phrase that represents something so exciting and un-businesslike.

Our school is all about sharing the excitement of learning with young children.  We strive to provide activities that cause them to say “wow” and “I did it” and “I want to find out more”.  We provide an environment that encourages curiosity and supports exploration.

This is especially evident in our classrooms at this time of year.  From our Elementary students who recently hosted their Science Fair; with the results of their exploration and discovery.  To the Toddler classroom; where a young student recently pulled me to sit next to her and provided me with my own tiny tray and work just like hers. 

From oldest to youngest, our students are excited about learning and we are excited to be engaging their inquisitive minds.