Moving Up 2015

Last week we held our annual Moving Up ceremony!  How did time fly so quickly?  It seems we were just putting the finishing touches on mailbox labels, making copies of classroom papers, and waxing the floors anticipating the arrival of students.  Now here we are, packing up classroom papers, sending home extra clothes, and saying good bye to so many friends.

Each year time seems to go by faster and faster.  Perhaps as a society we are busier than ever.  We try to fit in more and more each day.  Our children go to school, attend activities like dance and karate, visit friends, play, do homework, and on and on.  As parents, the list of what needs to be accomplished each day is immense and, at many times, overwhelming.  All of this activity makes the days go by so quickly and the school year even faster.

The good news is, we made it!  It was fast, but it was a joy!  Moving Up was a day to celebrate each moment.  I’m so proud of these students!  They have all grown up so much!  I’m so proud of this school.  No matter what comes, we persevere.

While we reflect on all that Moving Up is about, I also want to share some advice from our teachers.

  • Read every day!  Seeking knowledge by reading will open the world to you.
  • Have fun!
  • Continue to be role models.
  • Make new friends.  Treat them with the kindness, respect, and love you learned here.

And one more piece of advice from me.  It doesn’t seem so long ago that I watched my own daughter move up.  I know there are others on our staff with the same memory and it seems like just yesterday.  And now, we are anticipating another graduation in only a year or two.  So, take a deep breath.  This is one milestone in a path of many to come.  But they come quickly.  So I want to suggest, take a deep breath and enjoy this moment. 

Children, parents, staff: what a joy this memory will be.