Summer's End

I lost a week or two this summer and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  I can’t imagine how it disappeared, but I am certain a dozen or so of my treasured summer days just didn’t happen.  Somehow we went from the optimistic period of late June with weeks of warm sunny days and plenty of fun times ahead, to the middle of August and me wondering how this could have occurred.

Seriously, the stores are full of school supplies and letters are coming in the mail with schedules, forms, and meeting dates.  I’m left wondering how to finish out the remaining few weeks and squeeze every drop of relaxation and joy out of each day.

So, yesterday afternoon I took my kids to the playground.  I must set the stage for you.  My youngest is now 12 and my oldest will be a senior in high school.  They were not exactly thrilled when I pulled into the parking lot.  My son (who is a whisker of being taller than me) pointed out he was nearly two feet taller than any other kid there.  I insisted that since it was summer we were required to at least set foot on a playground.

And, I’m so glad we did.  It was fun to run around, swing on the swings, and see who could balance longest on the wiggly balance beam.  And my kids, in between squeals of laughter, thanked me for insisting they get out of the car to play.

So my message for today is to enjoy these last few weeks of summer.  What is still on your list of fun things to do?  Squeeze it in.  Relax.  Spend 15 minutes at the playground.  You will all be glad you did!!