It's March Again!

It’s March and everything is growing. As the snow quickly melts, we see growth of spring flowers, tender grass, and the tiny beginnings of new leaves. As the weather gets warmer and warmer we get back out the shorts and t-shirts and quickly discover how much our children are growing.

And, as an organization we are overjoyed to consider the growth of Webster Montessori School. This school year found us with record setting enrollment. This growth means more and more families are finding us. More and more families recognize the benefits of a Montessori education for their children. And, most importantly, more and more children uncover the joy of discovery and learning.

As we begin to look at the next school year, it seems growth is a continued trend. Already our Toddler program is nearly full and we have only just started enrollment season. This growth means we are also considering new and better ways to use our building efficiently.

Plans are taking shape for a number of changes over the summer. We anticipate expanding our upstairs Elementary classroom to accommodate a growing number of students and students that are growing!

We are also planning to move our newest Toddler classroom across the hall to a larger space. This means construction of a new bathroom, kitchen area, and other room enhancements.

Not to complicate matters, but these changes mean finding new space for storage, administrative work, the library, and even things like extra boots, backpacks, and coats. I’m thrilled to have the challenges the growth of our school brings.

And I’m thrilled to play a part in the growth of your children.

Let’s enjoy every inch together!!