Science Fair!

Every day I am reminded why Webster Montessori School is an amazing place.  I am reminded of the outstanding education our students are receiving.  I am reminded of the incredible learning that takes place.

This is especially evident during our annual Elementary Science Fair.  This year is no exception.  All of our Elementary students had the opportunity to conduct a science experiment and research.  They applied the scientific research process and carefully organized their results creating displays and summary boards.  I can’t say enough about the effort the children put forth, the leadership of their Directresses and Classroom Assistants, and the support of families.

I enjoyed touring the room during the event.  The children were so proud of their accomplishments.  There was a joy in discovery as siblings and friends found something new to learn.  The room was a buzz of activity.  Topics ranged from studies of the solar system and chemical reactions to experiments with gluten free cookie baking and invisible ink. 

I heard young children talking about viscosity and chromatography and osmosis.  I saw a Mendicno Motor and learned how to make glow in the dark jello.  I am certain there were many adults in the room that learned quite a bit from these young students.

Do I sound just a little proud?  You bet I am.  I’m proud of these children and this school.  We inspire children, we encourage questioning, we support exploration, we love learning.  That is what education is all about.