Saying Goodbye... Until We Meet Again

They say that life is a journey and of that I have no doubt.  My Google search revealed the definition of Journey: the act of traveling from one place to another.  If life is a journey, it is so much more than that.  It’s not just the place to place but all the adventure in between.

Each day brings a new step along our path.  Each moment brings something new and unexpected.  Planners like me are reminded that this journey can’t be scheduled in advance.  The road is not a straight one and many times you can’t see around the bend.  But the journey is certainly an adventure.

Everyone is our school community has a journey that has included time at Webster Montessori School.  For that we are all grateful.  For those of us that work here, our own journey lead us here.  For some staff that is a recent connection and for some of us we have been walking with WMS for many years.  Some staff have had a Montessori journey that led them to other countries.  And some staff have a Montessori journey that spans the generations.

As I think about each of the children participating in Moving Up this year, that is also true.  Some of you have only just found us.  We have spent just months together in this wonderful place.  It’s been a delight getting to know you and your family and we are blessed for each day.

For some of you today is a culmination of many years here.  Perhaps you arrived a couple of years ago, excited to discover this opportunity.  Perhaps you have been here a few years, each of them finishing faster than the last.   Or, perhaps, your family has been here for many years, so long in fact, you can’t remember the days without WMS.

Some of you have ventured along your WMS journey with one child.  Others have been through this path with two or even three or four children.  There are some who have been here with many children all at once and some who left and came back again.

And what comes next on this journey we have been doing together?  For some of you it’s another school.  And for many of you it’s simply another classroom here.  One thing I am certain is that whatever comes next, our journey together is not really over. 

As you venture out into the community, you will come across many families and staff that are familiar faces.  It may be during a quick run into Wegmans for milk or a seat at a high school orchestra concert.  I assure you, paths will cross, handshakes will be exchanged, and our journey together will continue just a little longer. 

As we sing at the end of every Moving Up Ceremony… Shalom, Until We Meet Again.