Music Mondays


If you have spent any time at Webster Montessori School on a Monday morning then you know what a special time that is.  Some people return distracted from weekends spent with family enjoying fun times together.  Or, perhaps return extra tired from late nights and busy days trying to fit it all in.  But, just enter the building on Monday and you hear music.  A sampling of traditional children’s tunes, an assortment of recent Disney songs, all of the holiday favorites, and even some iconic classical selections.  Thanks to our very own Mrs. Winbush, we gather each Monday while waiting for school to start and enjoy the beauty of music. 

So much of what Maria Montessori asked of us as parents and teachers is reflected in our Monday music.  She asked that we allow children to experience the world.  She asked that we treat children with respect.  She asked that we be at peace.  She asked that we share in knowledge and art and music.  She asked that we create a space of simple beauty.  What more than a school brimming with music could we ask for each Monday morning?

A few things you need to know about Mrs. Winbush.  First, she’s a seasoned Montessori mother whose own children attended Webster Montessori School.  Her youngest is a talented musician in the high school.  Second, she has led our chorus for over 10 years.  Elementary students of today and yesterday have benefited from her tireless guidance and patient inspiration.  And, she rarely uses printed music.  Song after song, she plays from memory.

So, make some extra time next Monday.  Come a little early.  Sit and enjoy the beauty of what Mrs. Winbush shares.  Say hello and thank her for all she does.  Let the peace and joy help you begin your week a little brighter.  May the memory of the music carry you on through the week.  May Webster Montessori School not only be a special place for your children, but you. 

Thank you Mrs. Winbush for your gifts you share with us week after week; year after year.  We are blessed by your talents and your heart.