Webster Montessori School's History

In 1967 six women, united in their passion for a quality education for their children, joined together to create a Montessori school in the Webster community. Starting as just one room in the basement of a local church, the school soon came to be known as Webster Montessori School.

In its early years, the school focused on a primary program, educating children ages three to twelve. Over the years, the quality and values of the Montessori program attracted many families, and in response to the needs of the community, a full-time Wrap-Around program was established and is available for current students. This provides parents with additional flexibility and a reliable, caring environment for their children. The Wrap-Around program operates both before and after school, so children can benefit from the Montessori environment from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. if desired. The Wrap-Around program is available most school holidays and during the summer for current students aged three and up.

In 1997, Webster Montessori School expanded its program to offer a Montessori environment for elementary children ages six to twelve. In 2002, the school initiated its toddler program for children ages 18 months to three years. The toddler program offers an early introduction to the Montessori classroom and stimulates the child’s love of learning at an early age. Our Summer Enrichment Programs also started in 2002, offering a variety of one-week educational programs to supplement classroom learning.

In 2004, the school reached a significant milestone. After leasing space in a variety of locations over the years, Webster Montessori School purchased its own building. This has allowed the school to continually expand its educational programs and offer a stable, consistent environment to the children.

A second milestone was achieved in 2013 with the completion of our expanded building which doubled the size of the existing building. Three new classroom spaces and a large Gathering Room were added. In addition, updates were made throughout our school.