How To Apply to Webster Montessori School

Admission to the Webster Montessori School is available throughout the year based on current openings. We welcome children of any race, religion, nationality, and ethnic origin. We are currently accepting applications.

To facilitate the admissions process, please follow these steps:

1. Get to know us: Call for more information and to schedule a school tour and classroom observation.

We feel it is very important for you to gain as much information as possible before enrolling your child. A classroom observation will provide a fascinating window into the amazing journey children take in a Montessori school. We value your awareness of this educational process and your knowledgeable participation in your child's education will ensure success for your child.

2. Let us get to know you: Submit an Enrollment Application and participate in a meeting with your child and a teacher. 

Your child and a teacher will work together during this meeting and the teacher will be able to get a sense of your child. Also, your child can get to know the teacher and some of the materials used in the classroom environment.

3. Plan for enrollment: Sign our enrollment contract and make arrangements for a start date.

If everyone agrees your child will benefit from enrollment you will receive an enrollment contract.  Once signed by both parents we can determine a start date and your child will begin a wonderful educational experience.


Are you ready to learn more about the Montessori experience or schedule a tour of our school? Jennifer would be happy to send additional information to you!