Back to School & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wait you say. It’s not January, it’s September. Before you begin to worry that one too many days in the sun this summer has left me confused, let me tell you what I mean.

September and “Back to School” is a busy time for families and a time that I think children and parents view very differently.

For parents, September might come with a sigh of relief. It is a return to a more predictable, scheduled routine. For parents, September might not feel like such a significant new start; it’s just another month with work to be done, errands to run, and tasks to complete.

As a child, this feels more like New Year's than January does. This is when things begin anew. They are getting new shoes, new clothes, and maybe a new backpack. This is when they might have a new room, a new teacher, and meet new friends. For children, this is a fresh beginning, the time to start new habits, a time of significant change. Children experience January as a return to the same routine, classroom, teacher, and friends they left just a week or two earlier. September is their New Year.

Keeping these different perspectives in mind will help you navigate the next few weeks. Celebrate the excitement of a fresh start with your child. Enjoy their anticipation of new things to learn and the goals they have in mind for themselves. Also be aware that a new start can cause anxiety for many children. Be patient as they adjust to new routines and more structured days.

As a school, we are very much in tune with your children. Keep the lines of communication open as we build a strong support system for them.

And, let’s join together in saying Happy New Year!!