The Light of Our Community

One of the many wonderful things about Webster Montessori School is our community.  Families come to us looking for care and education for their children.  They make a decision to enroll based on what they expect to experience in the classroom, the hours we are open, and how far the drive is from home.  But year after year something really special also happens that transcends the children’s day to day learning.  Webster Montessori School becomes connected to your family.  It becomes a community to which your family belongs.

This starts with the first birthday party invitation or playdate.  Children get to know one another and naturally want to do more together.  As parents, you arrive at the party and meet one another.  Soon you find not only your children connect, but you connect with other Montessori adults.  One party becomes a playdate, a family get-together, even a parent’s night out.  One conversation in the school hallway becomes a book club still meeting 15 years later.  One moment in our school community becomes a support system you never expected to need.

Recently our school supported one family as they battled a four year struggle with cancer.  Our community provided hundreds of dinners, countless best wishes, and hours and hours of time spent in love and fellowship.  Deep friendships formed and the echoes of “what can we do” reverberated in our school hallways.

As the struggle has ended and our beloved family has suffered unbelievable loss, we have gathered.  Our community is ready with support and hugs and love.  The years have been marked by a zest for life and an inspiring positive attitude.  These days are marked by sadness and grief. Our community is still here, ready for whatever is required.  More dinners, more hugs, more understanding.  And your family is still here; ever grateful, focusing back on the Webster Montessori School community, making it available for more children through a memorial scholarship.  We are humbled by your grace and generosity.

We are all ever appreciative of a school that is so much more than a classroom.  This is our
Community.  May you all find your place here.