Wowza, it’s already November! That’s what I’ve been thinking lately. In fact, I even said something like that when visiting some of our Toddler friends during lunch.

"Wowza," I said. "Your lunch looks yummy." They sure thought that was funny; each tiny voice repeating wowza, wowza and giggling.

But seriously, I just can’t believe we are here already. Certainly, we have had a great few months. The children have all settled so nicely into the routines of the school. Our teachers report classrooms full of wonderful students who have beautifully adapted to the classroom and love to learn.

We have had a number of parent education events, social events, and fundraisers. We have a new website and have recently unveiled our new logo. The WMS community is busy!

Take a few minutes to connect with us. Visit our website often, like us on Facebook, attend an event, or schedule a classroom observation. If you thought the last few months flew by, imagine what the next few will be like. Wowza!